2003 - 2010


Due to the paintings I made I did some interview with people of Tilburg.

Kussen 2010  Acryl op doek 100x80cm 

'Waterland' 100x120cm Oliefverf op doek 2001  (SOLD)

Eggs Acryl op doek  150x120cn 

'There is a river inside the moutain ' 2004  150x165cm Olieverf op doek 

'Ruimte schep' 2006  90x150cm  Acryl en krijt op doek  (optie loopt)

'De kus' 2010 110x120 (SOLD)

Kissing 2010  Acryl op doek 90x70cm 

'Zonnebloem' 2003  70x100cm  Olieverf op doek (SOLD)

For those who have all the answers  2006   70x100xm  oil on canvas

Abstract  50x70cm  Aqryl on canvas