detail 'De Stroom'


'De stroom'  3,20mx20m  1990  Oil on canvas

The photo above is a composite of 4 photos. The distance for making a total image was not possible.

The gallery was 10x20 meters. While the painting was being made, Gerret had no overview of the work. The painting was simply too wide to oversee. Painted in the summer of 1990 as a project of Galerie Liesbeth Lips in Amsterdam. The painting is painted in 3 weeks. It was later sold to Sluis en Groot in Enkhuizen. Gerret only painted it. There was no plan, no draft beforehand.

The canvas was made by sewing two strips of canvas together. Oil paint has been bought and material to be able to paint. The first week there was very little painted. In the second and third week, the paint has in fact been applied to the canvas. Gerret painted day and night. People walked into the gallery every day to watch the process. In the 4th week it was ready. It was rolled up and kept in Gerret's studio. 3 years later (1993) it was sold to Sluis en Groot in Enkhuizen.



Detail with person from New York in front of the painting  'De Stroom''  1990